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Fiuggi natural oligomineral water is a natural product that has been produced for several centuries and a favorite mineral water of artists like Michelangelo and of Popes like Bonifacio VIII.

Indications for the Fiuggi water treatment are Obesity, excessive weight. This is an effective additive to the anticellulite program and any slimming diet.

The water also protects the skin. Cosmetic procedures using the Fiuggi mineral water clear and moisten the skin perfectly, smooth out wrinkles. Get to know this wonderful water, for the way to health and beauty begins with cleansing the body!

This mineral water may have diuretic effect, stimulate the general functioning of the kidney, favoring the depurative capacities. Fiuggi mineral water may facilitate the elimination of uric acid and increase the elimination of metabolic waste and favor the nitrogen metabolism. The scientific effect is a filtering action that purifies and reduces mineralization in the water, while creating a potent diuretic chemistry. Fiuggi is prescribed in Italy for expulsion of kidney stones, and supposedly inhibits their formation.

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